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 Article 1 - 28 March 2009




Standard Chartered Bank Family Day ’09: Mountains of Goodness, Grilled to Perfection


            We are proud to announce a new milestone in johorbuffet's commitment towards making good BBQ, easy. Standard Chartered Bank’s Family Day ’09 is the first time johorbuffet held an outdoor BBQ for more than 2500 hungry people, at sunny Sentosa!




            Planning for the event started 6 weeks before. Our staff went down to attend meetings with the organizers of the family day, providing valuable input on BBQ operations and logistics which we specialize in. What services johorbuffet do not offer, such as some food items and tables and chairs, we offered quotations from other companies linked to us, so as to ensure a seamless and fuss-free one-stop logistic support. The result was a success despite the logistical (and culinary) challenges posed by feeding 2500 people at an outdoor event.




Some samples of the mind-boggling amount of food: johorbuffet produced and cooked (to perfection) 1100 pieces of sambal stingray, 55 kg each of lamb and beef steaks, 65kg of dory fish, 3800 chicken wings, 10 000 sticks of satay, plus enough beehoon, fried rice, salads, potatoes, fruits and other family day goodies to ensure no stomach is left rumbling after the event.




            The mountains of food are prepared fresh on-site at our factory, with bulk buying and flash freezing ensuring that each particular piece of BBQ goodness is marinated to our exacting standards and as fresh as possible before it reaches the grill. Food aside, johorbuffet prides itself on having a team of trained BBQ chefs to BBQ the food to perfection. Standard Chartered Bank Family Day is johorbuffet's first time deploying our whole team of 30 BBQ chefs manning 30 portable pits for 6 whole hours, supported by drivers and helpers.




            Apart from sizzling food and hot chefs, johorbuffet also set up a snack bar providing sweet treats to cool the partying bankers down. We managed snack bars placed strategically among our 2 main food tables, providing easy access to much needed assorted iced drinks, hotdogs, ice-cream and even candy floss. The results?




 Long lines of happy people eating hot and good food. Feedback to our staff includes praise for the quality of our grill, with most praise laved on our specialty meat items such as chicken wings, steaks and satay. The organizers of the family day also gave good words to our positioning of pits and the flow of cooked food. The lessons learnt and experience from our first major event will be carried to good use in our future undertakings.




At johorbuffet, a happy customer is a reward for a chef. Multiply this by 2500 happy and full folks, it is a whole new satisfying experience that will stay in the hearts of johorbuffet staff who worked hard that day at the Standard Chartered Bank Family Day ’09.




By Huang Yulong


Article 2 - 6 June 2009




Schering-Plough Family Day ’09: Where BBQ food is Nicer


            Following johorbuffet's debut at providing BBQ services at major company events, the experience we gained has since enabled us to provide even better services to corporations seeking that novel twist to traditional “buffet food” at family days. Schering-Plough’s family day is the next event where johorbuffet applied its expertise at providing quality BBQ planning and cooking in an exciting beach setting. johorbuffet staff liaised with the organizers from Schering-Plough a month in advance and worked closely together, settling the menu, manpower and logistics for a 300-man feast.




          Schering-Plough chose to hold its family day at a private corner of Pasir Ris Beach, located at the end of Elias Road. The beautiful beach complemented the sunny day; the perfect day for a BBQ lunch. While the location proves to be a little inaccessible to johorbuffet's transport, we liaised with the nearby People’s Association Chalets for use of their carpark. Delivery of food items therefore went on without a hitch. In all johorbuffet provided a treat for 300 people: 25kg each of stingray and chicken fillets, 15kg of sea prawn, 700 chicken wings, and 20kg of lamb and beef, plus the usual BBQ favourites like sweet potatoes, corn-on-cobs, and our newest culinary creation, Shiitake Mushrooms Skewers.




            What is a BBQ function without johorbuffet's own team of dedicated chefs? This time round we had 6 chefs with 6 mobile pits. Yours truly was one of the chefs on-site and I can testify to the good location of the BBQ event. BBQing never felt so good under a clear blue sky, with a view of the shimmering sea and idyllic kelongs. I am sure (based on pictures) that the employees of Schering-Plough shared the same sentiments as me.




       Happy faces of the Schering-Plough employees told volumes of the satisfaction johorbuffet brought with our wide range of BBQ food, cooked to delicious standards by johorbuffet chefs. While the meal queues are moving along, we had the chance to ask around for feedback on our food (being customer conscious and improvement-based), and the positive feedback did make our day. But nothing can be compared to the gleeful sense of a job well-done when we overheard someone shout, “Come here! BBQ food nicer than the catered food!” Of course we are not mentioning precisely who from Schering-Plough said that, or which catering company was referred to. We at johorbuffet just know we are good, and the customers happy.




By Huang Yulong


Article 3 - 28 July 2009




Cooking Up a Storm: Student by Day, Chef by Night




            Have you wondered who are those BBQ chefs that lend that extra oomph to that BBQ party you had? At johorbuffet, we believe that good food is a must, and good service just makes that chicken wing taste better. Our chefs are committed part-timers (read: part-time because many of us are students, and BBQ jobs do not take a day to finish!) who undergo training at our factory outlet, and are accompanied by experienced senior cooks on their first solo job to ensure that everything goes according to the customers’ expectations. johorbuffet hopes to give recognition to our dedicated chefs who take time out of studying and other commitments in order to cook up a storm. Therefore johorbuffet will feature our chefs periodically on this blog, and we hope that readers can then have a better idea (and appreciation) of this special group of people that make johorbuffet stand out as a premier BBQ-lifestyle company.




         Today’s featured chef is Faisal, 24, a recent honours graduate in History from NUS, who is moving on to a great teaching career soon:




johorbuffet: What were your initial reasons for doing this BBQ job?


I love to cook since young and I’ve done part time jobs at coffeeshops and stalls before, cooking and tidying up. When my friend introduced me to this “chef-for-hire” job, I immediately signed up because it sounds like an interesting job, unlike my previous jobs. The pay is decent and I get to meet people, plus see nice houses!






johorbuffet: You sound very enthusiastic. What kind of job satisfaction do you get out of this?


Well, it may sound cliché but I do get a great sense of achievement when customers come up to me and thank me for a job well done. I like to see the kinship and friendship ties between people all centered around a good BBQ event, and to know that I am contributing by serving good food makes me happy.




johorbuffet: Tell us about your most memorable BBQ job.


Hmmm, there was once I got hired on Chinese New Year by a Russian family. They hired a boat from Marina Pier to go to Sisters Island. It was my first time on Sisters Island and it was a pleasant change of scenery for me. The day was very relaxed and my customers were very kind to me. I BBQed on a beach with a great sea view, while the Russian men played chess and the ladies played with their children on the beach. They even invited me to sit with them when they dined on the food I cooked for them. Overall, this has to be the most memorable johorbuffet experience.




johorbuffet: Any last comments on johorbuffet, and words for our (repeat) customers?


Well I am proud to be part of johorbuffet as it moves forward to provide service to family days and corporate functions. With helpful staff, outstanding food selections and a constant menu innovation, I can only see great things ahead for the company. As for potential customers, please be assured that the chef team is fully prepared and all ready to do BBQ, rain or shine!




We at johorbuffet wish Faisal all the best! Stay tuned for the next article on our chefs and staff




By Huang Yulong


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