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Hi Sir/Madam,

Thank you for ordering from johorbuffet ~ BBQ made easy. This is a list of instructions you can follow in case you need any help with your BBQ



Cooked Food

          Kindly open the cover of any cooked food that you ordered, (e.g. Fried Bee Hoon, Fried Rice, Curries, etc). We cooked the food and covered them to keep warm but you should air it because it may turn bad after a long period of time. Customers are strongly advised to finish the food with 3 hours of delivery.




How to tell the food is cooked


          Chicken wings are more or less cooked when you can pierce a satay stick through it easily. Remember to apply butter to prevent it from sticking to the wire mesh.


          Satay is cooked when the meat turns more opaque and firm. Many people who place the satay too near to the edge of the pit may find the bottom piece of satay uncooked. Apply butter to it to prevent sticking to the wire mesh.

          Sting Ray, Sotong and Cheesy Mushroom Trio are cooked when the aluminum foil is bloated. There is no need to flip them as they are ‘micro waved’ within the foil. They can be cooked without defrosting.

          Chicken and lamb has to be cooked well. There are no obvious signs of when it is cooked but look out for burnt signs.


          Beef has to be half done. Otherwise, it will be very tough to eat it. Regularly check it before it is over-cooked. It is ok to eat steak if it is still slightly bloody.


          Chicken franks, Ham and Cheese Roll, Asparagus Bacon, Enoki Bacon, tau poks and crab sticks can be consumed once they start to expand slightly. They can be cooked in less than 5 minutes and they taste better when the edges are slightly burnt. Apply butter to them as well.


Choconana, potatoes, corn and other roots can be thrown into the pit with the charcoal. It is hard to tell when they are cooked but they definitely take a long time. It also depends how strong the fire is. For Choconana, remember to place it with the banana facing down.


Apply butter and lay the prawn on one side. Make sure it is more than half-cooked before flipping it. You can tell it when it turns red beyond the lower half of the prawn. The whole tail will be almost red too. Once flipped, it cooks faster so remember to check before it gets burnt. And remember to apply butter to the other side before flipping.


Yakitori has to be dipped in our secret sauce before BBQing. It is similar to cooking satay.





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