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Q1. How do we pay for our food after ordering?

Starting December 2010, we will collect payment online via VISA/ Master Card/ AMEX, or PayPal account. Once the transaction has gone through, an email will be sent to you to confirm the payment status.

Kindly note that delivery will only be made upon payment confirmation. In the case where payment cannot be done using VISA/ Master Card/ AMEX, or PayPal account, the payment can be credited into the following accounts:

Kindly inform our office staff once payment had be made. We can be reached at 6392-8392.

If you are ordering on behalf of a government organization, we accpet payment via e-invoicing. Please call our hotline 63928392 if you require further assitance on this.


Q2. Does your satay come with satay sauce, and can I buy in loose pieces?

Our satay comes with satay sauce. For cooked satay, they come with onions and cucumber as well. However, there is no pineapple in our satay sauce. We regret to inform you that all satay purchases have to be as per the packaging quantity listed.



Q3. How do you serve your Sting Ray and Sotong?

Our SR & S are wrapped in aluminium foil that you can BBQ with ease. They are sambal-marinated.

Q4. What are Shaolin Stick, Tau Pok and Choconana?

Shaolin  stick is a mini skewer of several vegetable greens such as green pepper, red pepper, yellow pepper, onion and cucumber. Tau Pok is a fried bean "burger" with pineapple, cucumber and prawn sauce. Choconana is a milk chocolate banana treat that simply melts in your mouth! 

Q5. What is Chicken Mid Wing?

The 3-joint wing is made up of the drum let, the mid wing and the tail. Therefore, the mid wing refers to only the middle part of the wing (the part with two bones).

Q6. Which mesh should I get for my BBQ pit?

Please refer to the Wire Mesh FAQ. You can request for both meshes, measure them upon delivery and reject the unacceptable one. Remember to get back the refund as the mesh will be pre-charged .

Q7. I am holding a BBQ at my private residence and I need a portable BBQ Pit for just one night. Do you have such Pits for rental?

Yes, we have portable BBQ Pits for rental. They come with a stand so you can BBQ comfortably at waist level. It is good for 30 people or less. If you have more than 30 people, we can arrange for another Pit. We will be back to collect the Pit over the next few days so you can BBQ as late as you want.

Please note that we only send Pits to private property like Churches, Shophouses, Commercial Buildings, Schools, Army Camps or Landed Property. If you are holding a BBQ at a Condo or a Chalet, please check with the respective management for Pit rental.

Q8. Do you guys provide delivery service?

Yes. We do island-wide delivery. On top of that, you only need to place your order two days before your BBQ (and before 5pm too!).


Q9. What is the on-site barbeque chefs about?

You can be assured we provide trained barbeque chefs for those who prefers having an open-kitchen concept or for those who want to avoid sweating yourself out in barbeque-ing. Our BBQ chefs will there at your residence, company, parks (name your venue) to cook for your party.

They are highly in demand, ask for them today!

Q10. Do you have tables set-ups with skirting, etc? I may need chairs too.

Our apologies that we do not provide this service as we focus only BBQ events (that's why we are so good at it!). Our products, packaging, cutlery and accessories are all disposable. We do not come back to collect any leftovers nor do we set a time limit for the BBQ to start or end. That should be what BBQs are meant for: Meeting up friends for a spot of cooking and eating without the rush.

Q11. So far so good, now how do I go about placing my order?

The favourite way for most of our customers is to use our shopping cart. Some call us at our hotline, 6johorbuffet-8johorbuffet (6392-8392) .You can also fax us your order @ 67440160. Alternatively, you can mail us your order at Our hotline is open 8.30-6pm daily including Public Holidays and online purchases are checked at 2hour intervals during office hours.

Q12. You only have one price for each of your otak. Please tell me, is it for raw or cooked otak?

All our otak is cooked. Besides aiming to save the fire for other food, this is primarily due to incidents where people 'over-cook (read:burnt)' or 'under-cook' their otak. Therefore, we took the trouble to doing it first. So far, feedback has been good, as some people can eat it while waiting for the fire to start. Note that all johorbuffet Otak is freshly made and BBQed within 4 hours of delivery time.

Q13. I am having my BBQ at Sentosa, do you deliver there?

Yes, we do. So long as our drivers have the DO (delivery order) to your event, the guard will be able to waive the entry fee to sentosa. (Updated to the best of our knowledge so far)

Q14. Why do you not deliver in to parks (BBQ pits) and chalets (the unit)?

We do not deliver in due to several reasons. For chalets, most of the management do not allow outside caterers from entering. Most parks and some chalets do not have a designated area to load/unload, and this makes it difficult for the drivers to leave their vehicle there without worrying about getting any summons and fines. Hence we seek your kind understanding to arrange sufficient manpower to assist in bringing in the food.



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