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Try to get a new Wire Mesh for every new BBQ. Not only is this hygienic, our wire meshes have the right cutting so that food will not drop between the holes in the mesh. Do not re-use wire meshs as they may have turned rusty from the previous BBQ. All Johor Buffet Wire Meshes come shrinked-wrapped in plastic for hygiene.


Welcome to the Wire Mesh FAQ. Do take your time in reading the sections below to choose an appropriate mesh to suit your BBQ Pit to ensure a delightful experience!




Regular Mesh, RM

(43 X 43 cm2)

for 15 ~ 20 People


(unless otherwise stated)


Large Mesh, LM

(43 X 83 cm2)

for 30 ~ 35 People


(unless otherwise stated)

For the National Parks:

Changi Beach Park: 01 X RM
East Coast Park: 01 X LM ($16 Pit)
02 X LM ($20 Pit)
Pasir Ris Park: 01 X LM
West Coast Park: 01 X LM
Labrador Park: 01 X LM / 02 X LM, 50 Pax
Punggol Park: 01 X LM, 20 Pax
Sembawang Park: 01 X LM

For Pasir Ris Resorts

Downtown East: 01 X LM, 20 Pax
Costa Sands: 01 X LM, 20 Pax
Aranda C.Club: 01 X LM, 20 Pax
Aloha Loyang:
Terrace 03 X RM, 40 Pax
Bungalow 02 X RM, 30 Pax
Garden Terrace A-J 01 X LM, 20 Pax
HomeTeam NS: 01 X LM / 02 X LM, 50 Pax
PA Chalets: 01 X LM, 20 Pax

For Other Resorts:

Costa Sands(East Coast): 01 X LM, 20 Pax
NSRCC(10 Changi Coast Walk): 01 X LM, 30 Pax

For Changi Resorts:

Aloha Changi:
Seaside ABCD 01 X LM /+ 01 RM (40 Pax)
Seaside FGHI 01 X LM
Roadside A-F 02 X RM, 30 Pax
Chalet K 01 X LM / 02 X LM, 50 Pax
Chalet L 2 X RM, 30 Pax
Chalet M 01 X LM
(Block 328 & 329) 01 X LM
(Block 328A) 2 Pits 01/02 X LM, 60 Pax
Changi Cottage 2 X RM, 30 Pax
Civil Service: 01 X LM / 02 X LM, 50 Pax
SAF Chalet:
Block 324-326 01 X LM / 02 X LM, 50 Pax
Changi Sailing Club: 01 X LM
Fairy Point Chalets:
Chalet 1-7 01 X LM /+ 01 X RM (40 Pax)
Bungalow 1-3 01 X LM
Cranwell 1-3 01 X LM
Biggin Hill (Blk 40) 01 X LM
Hendon CD 01 X LM / 02 X LM, 50 Pax

For Personal Pits, Condominiums and Institutes:

A Regular Mesh is roughly the width of a guy’s shoulders. If the Pit is wider, do get the Large Mesh so as to utilise the Pit fully. The Large Mesh can be twisted to fit the Pit. If still in doubt, order both Wire Meshes and reject the unusable one upon delivery.



RM 39.90

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